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Laser Epilator Painless Hair Remover

Laser Epilator Painless Hair Remover

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Laser hair removal device helps you to achieve permanent hair removal and smooth skin through breaking the cycle of hair regrowth. It is professional, gentle and effective, the best choice to remove extra body hair. The hair remover has adapted the technology for safe use in the comfort of your own home. It's convenient to use at home. Compared to salon hair removal methods, at home you can get a hair removal effect like in the beauty salon and save much cost and time.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Herminio Pollich

thank you I finally received it I was worried for a minute but it was my fault not there's I love AliExpress

Pauline Kunze

This is a pretty nice laser hair removal system that works to target hair follicles. I like this unit because it has a cool mode. he unit itself is well constructed and easy to hold. You have 8 levels of intensity so you can choose what level works for you. So far its been working out great and it saves money over time. Its a great value for the price and saves time from having to go to the salon.

Irma Hessel

This device is the perfect for hair removal specially now that all the spas are closed. This hair removal laser I can feel and see is already working! Great product!

Gerda Prohaska

I can't believe how amazing this laser hair remover is, it literally removes hair like a champ. I was worried that it would hurt but it doesn't hurt at all. It's a lot less painful than waxing and it does a better job too. In a little under 1 week, I was able to see a huge difference, in the thickness and a lot of my hair was gone. This Laser hair remover uses laser technology to remove your hair. This makes it safe, gentle and painless to use. It targets the hair follicle and stops the regrowth process, just like the ones dermatologists and salons use to remove hair.

Ben Grady

Fast delivery, well packed, everything works, This is a very high quality product and I am extremely satisfied with its design. It is easy to hold and operate. Recommend!