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Orgonite Pyramid

Orgonite Pyramid

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Discover the transformative power of the Orgonite Pyramid, a unique creation designed to harmonize and balance your energy. This remarkable pyramid is crafted to neutralize the effects of daily exposure to negative vibes and electromagnetic energy, offering you a sanctuary of positivity.

The Orgone pyramid is born from the fusion of organic resin and inorganic metal, resulting in a dynamic synergy known as orgone energy. Crystals and stones embedded within are charged with positive intentions, enriched further by the cleansing properties of energy-clearing white sage. An ancient Native American tradition, smudging ensures that only positive energy remains.

During the curing process, these Orgonite pyramids are infused with harmonious tones that resonate with the body's natural frequency, promoting balance and well-being. By simply being in their presence, you'll experience a surge of positive energy, whether you recognize it as Chi, Prana, or Zero point energy. Embrace the Orgonite Pyramid and embark on a journey to uplift and align your energies.

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Customer Reviews

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Brigitte Wolff

Chic handmade pyramid. Incredibly, how you can do something like that with your own hands. Thank you! I'll order more, for gifts.

Mariah Stamm

Chic handmade pyramid. Incredibly, how you can do something like that with your own hands. There is a slight defect at the bottom, but in general I am very satisfied with the purchase, I will not open a dispute with the seller. Delivered to Cheboksary in just 10 days, instead of 19 planned. Thank you!

Ryleigh Carter

Beautiful but small.

Braulio Emmerich

Orgonite Pyramid

Camylle Walter

Orgonite Pyramid