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Portable Cooling Fan

Portable Cooling Fan

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Experience refreshing comfort on-the-go with the Portable Cooling Fan. Designed to be a discreet and silent breeze companion, this fan redefines your cooling experience. Choose from three adjustable wind speeds to suit your preference, all powered by an ultra-quiet motor that won't disturb your surroundings.

This fan is more than just a cooling solution – it's a versatile device that serves multiple purposes. With its built-in 6000mAh lithium battery, you can use it as a convenient mobile phone charger whenever you need a power boost. The inclusion of a hanging lanyard lets you wear it around your neck, providing hands-free comfort without causing neck fatigue.

The lightweight design of the fan ensures that you stay comfortable while enjoying its vertical airflow that directs cool air towards your face. The impressive battery life guarantees prolonged usage – up to 22 hours on low speed, 15 hours on medium speed, and 8 hours on high speed, making it perfect for all-day activities.

Embrace the ultimate cooling solution with the Portable Cooling Fan, your trusted companion for comfort and convenience no matter where you are.

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Dorothy Zieme

Portable Cooling Fan

Brittany Ullrich

Portable Cooling Fan

Emmie Greenholt

I got there very quickly. Works well. I recommend it.

Kyler Heller

Portable Cooling Fan

Grady Cole

Portable Cooling Fan