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Rewritable Night Light

Rewritable Night Light

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Illuminate your creativity with the Rewritable Night Light – a captivating way to share messages, drawings, and inspiration throughout your home. This ingenious device adds a touch of magic to your living space, making it perfect for creating a cozy and interactive ambiance.

Unleash your artistic flair and compose cute messages or draw whimsical designs using the lighted tablet. Your imagination comes to life as your creations glow in vibrant colors, adding a unique and personalized touch to any room.

With a touch-sensitive button, you can effortlessly switch between 7 enchanting colors, allowing you to set the mood that suits your moment. Whether you're looking for a calming aura or a burst of energy, this night light adapts to your every need.

Choose between two modes – Automatic or Static – to customize the lighting experience. The Automatic mode transitions seamlessly through the colors, while the Static mode keeps your chosen hue steady, creating the ambiance you desire.

Cleaning and reusing the Rewritable Night Light is a breeze. Thanks to its innovative design, there's no need to worry about smudging or leaving marks behind. Simply wipe the surface with a sponge or cloth, and it's ready to be your canvas once more.

Infuse your living space with a touch of magic and personalization. Illuminate your room, engage your imagination, and experience the joy of creating your own illuminated art with the Rewritable Night Light – the perfect blend of creativity and functionality.

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Lexie Stokes

did not receive it

Maddison Hirthe

Rewritable Night Light

Brain Shields

Rewritable Night Light

Giuseppe Gutmann

I wanted her taaak!
Very satisfied with the order

Leila Kuhic

Rewritable Night Light